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Turner Broadcasting help repaint HCLC's offices!


Hackney Community Law Centre is extremely grateful to Turner Broadcasting for helping us begin repainting our offices, in order to make the Centre a more welcoming and pleasant environment for our clients and local community.


On Friday 15th June 2012, a team of volunteers from the Turner Broadcasting London's office spent the entire day at HCLC completely repainting the kitchen, our volunteers room, all our bathrooms, clients' waiting reception area and all the other communal areas in the Law Centre. Turner Broadcasting has a strong Corporate Social Responsibility team and its staff are given special days off to volunteer with charities and organisations in need. We are extremely grateful to


Andrew, Steve, Mandy and Alexia from the Turner team (pictured above) who not only helped us paint the building but also provided all of the paint and materials required! The office is looking much much better already. Now to replace the carpets!



See a selection of  pictures from our extremely enjoyable painting fun day below!  9am and the Turner team survey the task ahead...  The interns and volunteers' room is covered in preparation...  Mandy and Steve from Turner remove shelving on the wall in the interns and volunteers' room... Intern Adenike prepares the walls with magic sugar scrub.  It's so great we'll be buying some for our own homes now! Mandy and Alexia from Turner make a start... HCLC volunteer Simon begins to paint the client waiting reception area... Andrew from Turner makes a start in the kitchen... Andrew and Steve from Turner in the kitchen... Interim Development Officer Miranda paints the wall in the front office... US intern Danielle brightens up the interns and volunteers' room... HCLC Manager Sean gets the ceiling in the interns and volunteers room gleaming... Lunchtime! Cafe Bohemia off Mare Street does a lovely fry-up! And now to tackle the bathroom upstairs... Senior Solicitor Nathaniel gets stuck in to that bathroom ceiling... Solicitor Diane does a sterling job on the doorway outside her office... Intern Adenike brings glamour to the upstairs bathroom... Nearly there!  A very happy manager Sean finishes his last task for the day... Thank you very, very much again to Alexia, Mandy, Steve and Andrew for really making a difference to the Law Centre's working environment.  See you all at our summer reception to thank you properly! :-)