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Welcome Sheherezade, Havlin and Jordan!


Sheherazade Jordan and Havlin HCLC is delighted to welcome three new interns from the University of Richmond and George Mason University following a successful placement by Danielle Brown, another US student last year.  


Havlin, Sheherezade and Jordan are spending the summer with HCLC shadowing solicitors and caseworkers to gain an in-depth experience of our work.


Read a little about each of them below:


Sheherezade Malik (pictured above left) is a postgraduate law student from the University of Richmond in Virginia on the east coast of the United States. Sheherezade is spending a month HCLC as a legal intern before travelling to Emmanuel College at the University of Cambridge to participate in a special program for foreign students. Sheherezade is the daughter of a Pakistani father and a Filipino mother. She grew up in both countries. In Pakistan, she did her A-levels in Law and then went to America where she did her undergraduate degree in International Relations at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.


She loves learning languages. She is fluent in 4 languages and two Pakistani and Filipino dialects.  After earning her Juris Doctor degree she intends to enter into the field of Human Rights and International Law.  Sheherezade enjoys singing and acting. She intends to visit a lot of theatres while in London. Pip-Pip-Cheerio!


Havlin Crittendon (pictured above right) is a postgraduate law student from the University of Richmond in Virginia on the east coast of the United States. Havlin is spending a month at HCLC as a legal intern. Following her internship with HCLC, she will travel to University of Cambridge for five weeks. Havlin was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. She studied business administration at Washington and Lee University before then deciding to embark on a career in the law.  While in London, she is looking forward to exploring London and seeing all the beautiful, historical sites.


Jordan Milan Bivings (pictured above centre) is an undergraduate Conflict Analysis and Resolution major at George Mason University in Virginia; located about 15 minutes south of the United States capital, Washington, DC.  Jordan is spending 2 months with HCLC as a development intern before returning home late this summer to continue her studies at George Mason. Jordan is the daughter of American parents. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland and spent her childhood in Silver Spring, Maryland and the Washington, DC metropolitan area where she attended elementary and high school in the states. Jordan intends to study law and pursue a master’s degree in conflict negotiation once she has completes her undergraduate degree next spring.


Jordan is hoping to become a legal mediator or arbitrator and her internship with HCLC is part of her efforts to acquaint herself with the legal field. She also has experience in working with non-profits back at home and plans to start her own in the future.  Jordan enjoys reading memoirs and shopping. She currently has three dogs at home and enjoys the outdoors. While in London, she is looking forward to shopping ‘London style’ and visiting other parts of Europe.  She is also looking forward to finding local shops to go souvenir hunting and find older books that you might not be able to find in the U.S.