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HCLC & Big Voice London respond to Home Office Consultation on Stop & Search



HCLC is very pleased to have teamed up with the Big Voice London project to respond to the Home Office's latest consultation on police 'stop and search' powers.


Big Voice London was launched in January 2011 to compliment the Supreme Court’s outreach work.   It is volunteer-led and volunteers are generally post-graduate law students committed to youth access.  Big Voice is unique in the way it specifically addresses the issue of engagement of young people with the legal system.  


The project endeavours to empower sixth form students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds by linking them up with legal policy makers, so that they have a voice in our society. The joint HCLC/Big Voice London consultation response makes the following three key recommendations to the Home Office: Broad stop and search powers under s.60 CJPOA 1994 should be reviewed and amended to: 1. Require ‘reasonable suspicion’ before they can be authorised; 2. Include a code of practice for authorising officers and front line staff; 3. Emphasise the importance of community buy-in for the exercise of emergency police powers.


HCLC and Big Voice are grateful to Alex Cisneros of Big Voice and HCLC's Mary-Rachel McCabe and Miranda Grell for drafting the joint response.


Read the full HCLC and Big Voice response to the Home Office consultation on police powers of stop and search HERE.