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HCLC Intern Toby's sponsored swim for HCLC!


Toby Wheldon sponsored swim in Lake Anecy for HCLC We are really grateful to our amazing former intern Toby Wheldon who managed to complete a one and a half mile sponsored swim  for HCLC, in France, on Saturday 15th August 2015!


Before the swim this is what Toby said about the demanding challenge: "For the last three months I have had the privilege of working with the Hackney Community Law Centre. Recent cuts to legal aid have put an increasing strain on Law Centres, many in London have either had to close or restructure. Nominally Hackney Law Centre supplies legal advice and representation to those who could not otherwise afford it, in reality they provide much more then this.


Whilst there I saw a case won at the Supreme Court but also saw staff lend an ear to people who just needed to express their frustration at the bafflingly complex benefits structure. In the current political climate I only see the demand for their services increasing. The event I will be swimming 2.4km across lake Annecy as part of an organised event to raise money for the Law Centre. Most of those who see this site will know me and know that this will be a true challenge".


After the swim, Toby said: "The swim took me 50 minutes. It was fun, a little daunting with all the people but there was a good ambiance, at the end there was a giant tartiflette for the swimmers. I would like to do it again, maybe in another lake as there are similar events all over."


Thank you so much again to wonderful Toby!!! It's not too late to sponsor Toby! If you'd like to do so please click HERE.