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HCLC publishes new 'Digital Insights' Report


SS_DigitalHackney_FrontPage_WebHackney Community Law Centre is delighted to publish our new report: 'Finding better problems for better solutions: Digital insights for Hackney Advice Sector'.


The report, which we originally commissioned as part of the HCLC-led Sustainable Advice in Hackney project', sets out the findings of a number of public engagement sessions Social Spider CIC carried out with voluntary sector advice providers and advice seekers in the London Borough of Hackney in the summer and autumn of 2015.


The initial aim was to try to find problems that people actually have, and feel they have. From there, the aim was to better understand those problems and how they feel, before going on to develop some tentative ideas for ways in which those problems might be solved.


To read and/or download the report click HERE.