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Housing Law

HCLC  provides essential advice for those who have nowhere to live or are in danger of losing their homes through possession proceedings.


Some of the problems we help people with are: defending possession claims, applying to set aside warrants for eviction, serious disrepair, homelessness, illegal evictions and tenancy status.


We provide legal advice about many of the following issues:


  • My landlord is going to evict me next week. Can I do anything to stop this?
  • I have received a claim for possession from the County Court for rent arrears.  What should I do?
  • Does the council have a duty to find me somewhere to live?
  • My landlord won’t do any repairs in my home.  Can I force them to?
  • My partner has moved out.  Can I become the tenant?
  • The council is taking me to court they’re accusing me of making noise, what can I do?

We also participate in the Duty Representation Scheme at the Clerkenwell & Shoreditch County Court.



You can call the advice line on Monday to Wednesday 10am-12pm on 0208 985 5236 and press option 1.


Please note our services are in high demand and we may not be able to answer all calls.

if you are unable to get through, please email us at admin@hclc.org.uk. Please provide full name, postcode and full details of your housing matter.


We will aim to respond to your enquiry as soon as we can.


You can also complete the legal enquiry form on the contact us section. 







Telephone Advice Line

Monday  to Wednesday

10am to 12pm

0208 985 5236

option 1 - Housing

option 2 - Immigration/Asylum

option 3 - Welfare Benefits