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Welcome to Our New Website!


A warm welcome to Hackney Community Law Centre's new website!


Whether you are a potential client in need, a law student or a journalist covering developments in legal aid, we hope you will find our new website easy to navigate and that you find the information you are looking for.


Just as we believe in access to justice for everyone regardless of their economic or social status, so we hope that you'll find the website fully accessible.  We have placed a button on the home page of the website that adjusts the size of the text, to ensure that everyone - particularly the visually impaired - can read all of the content easily.


Please do let us know, however, if you have any problems or any questions about the website by contacting us. Hackney Community Law Centre is very grateful to Jon Worth of  the techPolitics Social Media Agency for designing this website for us free of charge.


We are always looking for interested, talented and enthusiastic people like Jon to play a greater role in the work of the Law Centre.  If you would like to get more actively involved in our work, please do consider becoming a Friend of Hackney Law Centre or Signing up as a Volunteer.


Thank you again for visiting our new website. Hackney Community Law Centre is grateful for your support. Ian Rathbone - Chair - HCLC Board of Directors